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C.A. House Music Lessons


Music education is an important part of mastering any instrument. Here at C. A. House Music we have experienced and educated teachers who will help you get to your desired level of musical achievement. Whether you want to get in depth with music theory, or just want to play a song to your grandchild, C. A. House Music has a teacher who will perfectly fit your needs. Operating in the Ohio Valley for 140 years, C. A. House Music brings the expertise needed to make your musical gift shine!

Our music lessons are for students of all ages – here at C. A. House Music we live our motto 'Play Music for Life.' You're never too young or too old to start your musical education. So whether you’re trying something new or looking to advance, C. A. House Music has the right teacher for you! Stop by any of our locations in St. Clairsville, OH, Parkersburg, WV, Zanesville, OH, or Lancaster, OH or fill out the new student form below to get started! Sign up here to be contacted by a teacher!

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*Sometimes it takes a couple days for us to match you with your perfect teacher, so if you don't hear back right away, don't worry! We're just as excited as you to get your musical journey started, but we want to make sure we get you paired with the best teacher for YOU. Therefore, we take time to carefully consider each and every new student/teacher pairing!*

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Types of Lessons We Offer

Locations that offer Guitar Lessons:

St. Clairsville: Steve Farrow, Brian Vickers, Kurt Bell, Cody Gaston, Mike DiCocco, Aaron Carey
Zanesville: Ryan Dailey Jason Short Doug Fulks Kenny Joseph
Parkersburg: Bob Coddington, Chace McCartney, Charlie Reed, Steve McDougle
Lancaster: Jason Short

Locations that offer Piano Lessons:

St. Clairsville: Shawn Caldwell, Millard Neal
Zanesville: Twana Mehaffey
Parkersburg: Karen Sellers
Lancaster: Mike Hammond, Rex McMurphy

Locations that offer Brass Lessons:

St. Clairsville: Chuck McAtee, Tony Salvatori
Zanesville: Rick Montgomery
Lancaster: Lancaster: Rex McMurphy

Locations that offer Woodwind Lessons:

St. Clairsville: Bill Manfredi
Zanesville: Rick Montgomery
Parkersburg: Bruce DeMoll, Steve McDougle, Melissa Herceg
Lancaster: Rex McMurphy

Locations that offer String Lessons:

St. Clairsville: Sheila Jones
Zanesville: Alyysa Capps
Parkersburg: Claire Dent
Lancaster: Michael Ingalls

Locations that offer Vocal Lessons:

St. Clairsville: Alan Cline, Chelsey Keding, Cody Gaston

Locations that offer Percussion Lessons:

St. Clairsville: Heather Brugioni, Kelly Bell
Zanesville: Josh Lentz, Brian Cramer, Brian Kuhn
Lancaster: Chad Lester

Locations that offer Other Lessons:

St. Clairsville: Mike DiCocco, Brian Vickers, Kurt Bell, Steve Farrow, Cody Gaston
Zanesville: Bass Guitar: Jason Short
Parkersburg: Bob Coddington, Charlie Reed, Steve McDougle
Lancaster: Jason Short

St. Clairsville: Kelly Bell, Steve Farrow, Cody Gaston

St. Clairsville: Dustin Terpenning
Parkersburg: Bob Coddington, Chace McCartney, Charlie Reed

St. Clairsville: Kelly Bell,
Parkersburg: Chace McCartney

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to start lessons?

Many of our teachers recommend students be at least 5 years old when starting private music lessons. Students of this age usually have a longer attention span and are able to truly make the most of their lessons. We also offer group toddler music classes throughout the year.

How much do lessons cost?

Our prices vary between teachers depending on various factors. Please give us a call or contact us for more pricing information!

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