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Instrument Rentals

So your child wants to join the band or strings at school, great! Here at C. A. House Music, we help take some of the confusion away from beginning band. How do I get an instrument for my child? My son/daughter wants to play the clarinet, is that available? I know nothing about music, how do I get started? We have the answers you're looking for! Our friendly and helpful staff of professional musicians is ready to help you through the beginning band process, whether this is your first brush with music or you’re a gigging trumpet player.

Rent an Instrument

We make quality instruments affordable.

At C. A. House Music, we value…value. And we'd love to tell you the advantages of renting from us.

  1. We have a rent-to-own program. You make low monthly interest-free payments over time so you don’t have to shell out a bunch of money up front.
  2. We only rent the best quality instruments. This saves you lots of money over time. Quality, name brand instruments last longer and break less often.
  3. Quality Instruments are easier to play: This results in less frustration and a more enjoyable experience. Kids who play quality instruments often stay in band longer than those who don't.
  4. Maintenance Program: While you rent from us, our in store technicians repair normal wear and tear.
  5. Exchange Policy: Your child rented a flute, but now wants to play the clarinet? No problem! We transfer the full amount of principle to the new instrument within one year, and 50% any time after that. This gives your child flexibility when deciding what instrument is right for them.
  6. Child No Longer Wants to Play? We’re sad, but you can just return the instrument! We close out your account and you won’t owe us any more money.
  7. Want to Pay It Off Within the First Year? Get a 25% discount!
  8. We have Road Techs: Our representatives visit your child’s school every week. We can bring you accessories, do minor on the spot repairs, and help with any immediate needs.

We love chatting about our rental program and its advantages! Call 800-755-3214 and Melissa, Laura B., Laura C., or Erin would be happy to help. Or contact us here to inquire today!

Rental FAQ

What happens if my payment is late?

There is a five dollar late fee if the payment is 10 days late. Credit/Debit card or checking account we have on file is automatically charged if the payment is 30 days late.

What if my child no longer wishes to play?

The instrument can either be returned to one of our locations, or arrangements may be made to pick up the instrument at the school. For an instrument to be retrieved at the school, a call MUST be made to 800-755-3214.

Is there interest on the rental account?

There is no interest on this rental account; however, there is a small monthly maintenance fee which covers any normal wear and tear of the instrument.


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